Friday, April 10, 2009

accident..kak wanteh's family..

kak wanteh,mat,abg subri,athirah and yusof
they accident preety bad..
dis happens when i was about to blik kmpg which is on 26 march 2009 6.30am at tapah with a lorry..
mat injured preety bad..
tulang buku lali dier were not in the same place where it shud be..
kepale kne jahit..
he was crying..he is soft hearted boy..
only 13years old..
sayu je tgk dier nangis..
abg subri mmg critical..
mse kt tapah they sed nothing's wrong..
then we brought him at hospital sungai petani they find out dat everything was so wrong..
hati dier hancur..
limpa and paru2 rosak truk..
hospital tapah mmg bdoh..
he was put in icu immediately..
after three days he was out from icu n was put in 'serious condition' ward..
the doctors sed dier ni kuat semangat..
it is immposible he is getting better in 3 days..he shud be in icu at least 1 week..
they sed it is a miracle..
but abg subri really kuat semangat..
congrats abg subri..
at first the doctors wanted to do the operation..
but the chances are 50/50..
i was shocked..everyone was shocked..
but the doctors sed we wait 4 3days..if his hati paru2 n limpa can grow it self,they have to do the operation..
but they grew very fast..
the doctors very impressed..
but his hati is still bleeding..
they put a tube 4 13days to suck out all the blood..
now abg subri is at home..
he check out on 7th may 09..
but hte doctor sed he must rest 4 3month..
bcoz his hati still in bad condition..
athirah yusof n kak wanteh have minor injuries only..
nothing to be worried..

i supposed to have fun wif my mom n my bro n my sis in law at kmpg..
but kak wanteh's family plak accident..
nvrmind..there's always a next time..:))
the picture of the car i will put here later..

lots of love

p/s: the pic of kak wanteh's family is on my march blog titled ''thanking my family''
: all of them r wearing the same this green colour..

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