Wednesday, April 29, 2009

juita...u smells bad :s

theres one of my friend at oug(the place where im working now)
her name is juita...
she smells really bad!!!!
omg..i was about to throw up..
i noe she is my friend..
infact she sed she like to be friend with me..
but i just cant help it..
she does smell bad..
cmne nk tgur dier psl bau dier tu hah??
she lyk to hug me from behind..
rse mcm nk muntah..
tros migrain..dh laa i ade migrain..
how am i going to be near her??
i juz cant...
besides dat,she is horrible..
ade ke ptot dier tnye abg salim(3rd florr executive)''abg npe bler 'main' laki xskit pompuan yg skit??"
very dumb question ryte..
no shame laa dis girl...
she ske tell the whole world dat ''eh ade bdak laki ni mntk kapel ngan ak laa"
wat she tryin to say is dat she is super famous.. annoying..
i cant stand her...

theres one day she gave me sumone's num his name is wan..
he works at McD at oug..
then i kaco him..
he ask me out for lunch during my lunch break laa..
he blanje me...
then i tell juita bout it..
she jelous..i tot she hate him..
coz she tell me dat she hate him..
well i un actully like dat guy.. not my type..
im just doing her a favour..
coz she wanted to noe which one is wan..
coz according to her dat wan guy like her..
then i ask him ''eh wan awk ske juita ke??"
he sed "no!!never!!"
then i was like seriosly??
omg pity prasan...
u want dat wan guy just take laa...
wan is so not my type..ewww...

lots of love,

p/s : juita go buy ur self a begging u..

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