Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Super Junior and 2PM


Super Junior

ok...this post im going to talk about these 2 groups..
i totally love both of them..
tp ade sesetgh yg xminat SuJu ckp SuJu looks not manly enough compared to 2PM..
well lets clear things up..

2PM - Beast
Super Junior - Gentleman

that's totally different concept
genre diorg pn different..
so korang xbley nk compare dua2 group nie...
because they r totally different in every aspect..
plus korang yg kutuk2 SuJu doesn't know SuJu better than we ELFs do..
so just shut it!!

p/s : I LOVE BOTH Super Junior and 2PM

lots of love,
Hwang Hae Won

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