Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Scary Round of 16 : SPAIN vs PORTUGAL!!

tonight is the night where my fav team and my worst enemy team clash..
my fav : SPAIN
my WORST: portugal..
why i hate portugal : because there is Cristiano Ronalbodo
why i love spain : because there is Iker Cassilas , Fernando Torres and David Villa

Round Of 16 = round kalah mati

spain : pls strike it hard..dun mess around..u lose u die..u lose then all the shame in the world belongs to u SPAIN..so pls...at least to semi's..
portugal : wait until u lose then i'll make u listen to my 'speech'

Im going to watch the match..
lets pray that luck is on SPAIN's side...

lots of my love to SPAIN,

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