Wednesday, June 23, 2010

its been a while..

its been a while since my last post..
many things happened last three month

i've got a job at Giant Hypermarket as a Customer Service..
its been a great opportunity for me to gain experience..
i have a lot of fun while working there..

i meet new ppl..

i've learn how to on myself only..
wrap it up,i ve learn a lot...

but im no longer working there..

my last day was on 15 June 2010..

i really miss my friends there



all those manager on duty
all dept head and asst dept head

i miss u guys so much...i really do..
i'll visit u every week ok guys..

now im in parkview..
frankly,i hate it here..

things are different than before..
everything have change drastically..

i hate when it change completely opposite..

it makes me wonder y it turned out this way..

its a bit disappointing..

i have to change my self becoz of the change they've made..
all i need is patience ..

im not gonna be here long..
im currently waiting for august to come..
then bubbye parkview..
parkview is one thing i regret..

one thing that im not happy with..
one thing that im not proud of..
and with that im looking foward to august..

owh i almost forgot..
i've met Jai/Jaiho/Jai minho/Johnny he is now currently Adeq's guy..
and he is now currently my best friend the three of us always hangout together..
but now he is in Japan for practical..
he will be back early of July..
im looking forward to see him to..
its been half of the month since the last time i saw him..
i have to admit that my life and adeq's life is a bit dull without him..

he always call me "minah kore

and i've also bought a new phone..
replacing my lovely sony erricson that some pig have stole it from me..
its my own money ppl..

for the second time,i bought it with my own money..

satisfaction babeh!!Samsung Corby
this is my baby:) its in orange colour..
i have a lot of love in it..
pls respect it..


iam now waiting for Super Junior Super Show 3
im collecting my money for VIP ticket..
wish me luck!!:)

lots of love,


  1. ohoi,nana sara kata dye de nmpk ko kat giant ritu..but x brani tego takot salah org...ahahaha..nice phone yeah...nnti aku nk curi taw...da gtaw awal2...jgn mara taw...ahahaha...