Saturday, May 23, 2009

hidup UNITAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ellow ppl...
my name is Tengku Hazliana bt Tengku Azhar..
i am 18 years young..
and im studying in UNITAR in first sem..
i just finished my orientation yesterday..
and hell yeah!!!i love UNITAR..
they said May Intake 2009 plg byk yg really proud..
well my brother was a student there too..
2 of my cousin was there too..
now im in there too..
im taking diploma in management(DIM) which is business management..
i just registered my self on 18 march 2009..
but i feel like the "HIDUP UNITAR" spirit was all over me..
im so happy to be in UNITAR..

p/s : im totally over and forgot about aizat ishak..hahaha..
the blog i wrote bout him,meant nothing to me anymore..
i dh x mnat him anymore..weeeeeee!!!!;)

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